Mihai D Toma

President & CEO, 
Black Mountain Investment Company


Mihai D Toma is the President and CEO of Black Mountain Investment Company.

Mihai has built and continues to energize a corporate culture that places America, Family and Employee benefits at the center of Black Mountain’s ethos.  From the Aerospace companies to the Real Estate holdings, the effort to create a moral centric focus has driven success at the employee, family and corporate level.  Under Mihai’s leadership, Black Mountain represents the ideal environment for the growth of the American enterprise in a highly complex and global competition for talent, resources and performance.  Such focus means that Black Mountain drives prosperity for employees, investors, the company, the communities where its companies are located all while contributing to American competitiveness in manufacturing and national defense.

Mihai serves as a Director for Benita International Children’s Organization, a charity that provides for orphaned children.  He also serves as a Director for Artis Corporation, a non-profit scientific research group that conducts studies on nuclear non-proliferation and human behavior/cognition in conflict areas.

Mihai is involved in public service through policy development and leadership in the political process at the state and national level.  He received his B.A. from Arizona State University and lives in Peoria, Arizona with his wife and three children.